HELI presented new products at CEMAT 2018

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From 23rd April 2018 to 27th April 2018, the five-day CeMAT International Logistics Exhibition was held in Hannover, Germany. HELI, which has maintained its leading industrial position in China and top 7 ranking in the world for 27 consecutive years, brought multiple new, robust products to the exhibition.
The Hannover International Logistics Exhibition is the largest professional logistics equipment exhibition and a grand gathering for materials handling. This year’s exhibition saw around 7,500 enterprises from more than 70 countries and regions all over the world exhibit, and welcomed an audience of 265,000 from 80 countries and regions. The theme of this CeMAT was Internet supply chain solution.
Within this exhibition, HELI’s stand of over 350㎡ included the presentation of 16 mainstream and new internal combustion engine, electric and warehouse products, making it one of the hot spots in the Exhibition, especially for the rollout of G2 series 3.5T double-drive electric fork and G3 series 4.5T internal combustion balance heavy forklift, which complies with European emission standards, as well as the 3T lithium battery forklift representing the development trend of the future. All these products fully demonstrated the capability of the leading Chinese forklift enterprise and drew attention from various clients from different countries. Many customers stopped by to watch and make inquiries. We believe that this exhibition was a great success for HELI.
During this CeMAT, HELI launched its first new products of the 2018 global promotion roadshow. Over 100 agents and clients participated in this exhibition, which mainly introduced HELI’s future products schedule and focused on three new products. Also, the outstanding overseas agents have shared their successful experiences.
HELI is grateful for the support and encouragement of its partners abroad over many years and will continue to accelerate the development and release of new products to satisfy the requirements of various markets, further develop and improve the agent network, enhance after-sales service, and strive to build HELI global brand recognition.
Xianyou Chen, the vice general manager of Anhui Heli Co. Ltd, has indicated that HELI has been working hard on the improvement of its quality, reliability, stability, capacity of after-sales service to change the foreign clients’ perceptions of China-made products. It is also striving to improve its brand image by participating in large exhibitions such as CeMAT.
HELI uses its own resources to constantly improved its innovation, developed its technology products with its own intellectual property, increase its core competitiveness and boost sales. It has achieved 28% market share in china and is increasing its international market share each year. HELI products are now exported to more than 150 countries and regions around the world.
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