Product Angle
Walkie Stacker
Product Feature
    Electronic power steering system, light and low noise.
    Two-way magnetic valve, three drop speed mode. AC Driving system, No carbon brush, maintenance free.
    Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system. Lifting, reach regenerative limit motor and battery life.
    Equipped with double oil cylinder, fork tilt more smoothly.
    Standard moon walk. Handle at any angle, the vehicle goes straight.
    Curve automatic deceleration devices, more safe.
    Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet.
    Emergency reversing device/ Emergency brake switch.
    High position automatic reduction device.
The main parameter
Model CQDH14-850
Type Reach(Tilt,Side shifter)
Mast type Standard 3-stage
Loading capacity lbs 3000
Load center in 24.00
Operating type Walkie
Wheels type PU
lift height in 137.8/149.6/157.5/165.4/177.2/196.9/316.5
Max.extend height in 185.4/197.2/205.1/224.8/244.5/264.6
Mast lowered height in 75.4/79.3/81.9/88.5/95.1/101.7
Overall length in 87.6
Overall width in 56.3
Min.Turning radius in 61.6
Min.Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 in 91.1
Travel speed,laden/unladed mph 2.2/2.5
Lift speed,laden/unladed in/s 25.6/29.5
Driving motor/Lift motor/Steering motor hp AC1.5/DC3.0/DC0.15
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/345
Controller ZAPI
Battery weight lbs 656.0
Service weight with battery lbs 5051.0
Reach distance in 0-21.7
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