2022 MODEX: HELI will be with you again!

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MODEX 2022 exhibition was successfully held at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from March 28-March 31.

At this leading trade show for manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution industries, HELI presented our hottest products for the North American market, such as cushion tire forklift, three/four- wheel Li-ion forklift, walkie straddle pallet stacker, walkie pallet truck, electric tractor and so on.


For the first time, Heli exhibited 5500 lbs hydrogen fuel cell forklift with cushioned tires at an overseas exhibition, which became the highlight of the show. Heli will expand in-depth cooperation with core enterprises in the hydrogen industry chain, continuously improve the industrial layout and contribute to the development of hydrogen-powered forklifts in the world.

HELI has maintained a high market reputation as the first Chinese forklift brand to enter the North American. This year although affected by the epidemic situation, there were still many customers who come to our booth and gave full attention to HELI products.

We believe that with the establishment and operation of Heli America Inc. in Atlanta, the cooperation between HELI and the North American market has been strengthened. In the future, Heli will continue to enhance its competitiveness in the North American market, expand its brand influence, and be committed to providing customers with more convenient and efficient logistics solutions.

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