HELI's first hybrid empty container handler delivered to Pearl River Port

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With the increasing demand for highefficiency, convenience and energy saving for empty container transshipment andstacking in ports and yards, recently, HELI’s first 7-layer hybrid empty container handler was officially delivered toZhuhai Port. The launch ceremony was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

This product is equipped with the development of600V high-voltage electrical system, multi-channel intelligent heat dissipationsystem, coupled range extender control system and other technologies, withenvironmental protection, safety, energy saving, high efficiency, comfort, lowcost, etc. Advantages, the fuel saving rate can reach 50%, the super capacitorcan be used 300,000 times, and it can achieve "zero emissions" underpure electric working conditions. During the entire vehicle lifecycle (taking500,000 boxes as an example), compared with internal combustion equipment, itcan reduce the emission of at least 125 tons of standard coal. Heli providescomprehensive professional technical support to ensure the life of the vehicle,reduce equipment downtime and ensure efficient operation of the vehicle.

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