Product Angle
G Series 1.4t
Double Scissor Fork Reach Forklift
Product Feature

    1) It has good man-machine engineering and operation comfort,low pedal on the truck and

    side pull of the battery;

    2) The hydraulic system adopts full proportional solenoid valvecontrol, which is more reliable

    and accurate;

    3) The driving brake adopts the current regenerative braking ofthe motor, and the parking

    brake USES the electromagnetic brake, which issafer;

    4) The integrated multi-function integrated handle can realizelifting, tilting, side shifting,

    stretching and other functions, making it moreintelligent;

    5) Equipped with large-capacity battery, the working time ismore durable;

    6) Greater residual load of the vehicle and higher stability;

    7) Standard liftingand descending buffer and rear shift buffer for fork to improve safety andcomfort.
The main parameter
Model Designation CQD14X2
Load Capacity lbs 3000
Load Center in 24
Operator Type Standing
Dimensions Overhead Guard Height in 91
Length to fork face in 77
Overall Width in 42.9
Reach Stroke in 43
Turning Radius (In standaed battery compartment) in 72
Wheels,Chassis Tyre Type Pneumatic
Weight Total Approximate Weight(W/O battery) lbs 6063
Performance Travel Speed,loaded/unloaded mph 6.2/6.8
Votage V 36/48
Battery rated capacity(5h) Ah 930
Drive Motor - 60 Min. Rating HP 9.4
Pump Motor - 15 Min. Rating HP 20.1
Drive Motor Control Method MOSFET/AC
Controls ZAPI
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